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2016 Inspiring Female Entrepreneur

2016 Inspiring Female Entrepreneur

QBP Top Brand Awards

I received an email recently from Quality Brand Philippines (QBP) that I was chosen as the 2016 Inspiring Female Entrepreneur. I am speechless. Being recognized in the field of entrepreneurship is something I never thought I will experience in my life. Why? I entered this field mainly  because of three reasons: 1) to augment my income; 2.) to follow my passion and; 3.) to spread my wings and fly. And receiving an award and being recognized is something I never imagined will be a part of my entrepreneurial journey.

My journey is never easy and I am sure a lot of my start-up friends will agree with me that it is not a walk in the park. There were (a lot) of times when you want to give up and your tired and weak body is pushing you to the limits. But seeing how happy my clients were during their events, kids glow with happiness after receiving a gift, and friends starting their own small businesses saying they were inspired, makes me want to continue and go on.

Thank you very much to those who believed in me.

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